Fat Women Have Great Sex Too

“I’m free tonight. I could come over…but if I do, I’m spending the night. It’s a long drive.” My stomach turned as I read his text. My divorce was still fresh, and I hadn’t “done this” in years. Was I going to be good at it? Did I even remember how to have sex? Were […]

To Be Loved, I Had to Let Go of My Makeup

“Do you want to get some breakfast?” he asked one morning, his brown eyes sincere and kind. I wasn’t barefaced, but I wasn’t pretty—I had dark circles under my eyes, a smoky eye that looked more like a shiner, and a breakout that I didn’t have time to touch up. I walked my somber death […]

I Was Widowed at 31—Five Years Later, I Still Won’t Let Go

Things with my first husband, Aaron, ended the old-fashioned way. He died. In 2011, Aaron was diagnosed with brain cancer, and three years later he died, leaving me a 31-year-old widowed mother to our toddler, Ralphie. It really was “till death do us part,” but the parting was unlike any other heartbreak I’d ever known, […]

Satisfyer Amazon Sex Toy Sale 2019

In honor of Sexual Health Day today, Satisfyer (the brand behind the best sex toys some of our writers have ever tried) is putting some of its best sellers on sale at 20% off. The best part? You can order them on Amazon. That’s just about the best possible Prime delivery you could get, if […]