Golden Globes 2019: Why Celebrities Wore These ‘Time’s Up’ Ribbons on the Red Carpet

Last year at the Golden Globes, actors and actresses wore all black in support of a new organization called Time’s Up, which started as a response to a #MeToo reckoning in Hollywood and aimed to address issues of sexual harassment and gender inequity across industries. Even as colorful gowns returned to the red carpet, celebrities continued to show solidarity with the group through pins and by name-dropping it in interviews and speeches. And at the 2019 Golden Globes, they once again came together to bring attention to the work Time’s Up is doing on the red carpet, this time via black-and-white ribbons that read “Time’s Up X 2.”

According to Variety, the ribbons were designed by stylist Arianne Phillips, the person responsible for the Time’s Up pins seen all over the red carpet in 2018. They’re part of the organization’s Time’s Up X 2 campaign, which aims to “double the number of women in leadership and across other spaces where women are underrepresented.”

Sandra Oh, Amber Heard, Rachel Brosnahan, and many others were among those in attendance wearing the Time’s Up X 2 ribbons: between jeweled bracelets, tied to their clutches, or simply around their bare wrists. Some men also donned it in solidarity with the organizations—however, it wasn’t without backlash: Ryan Seacrest donned one during the E! red-carpet broadcast, despite having himself been accused of sexual harassment.

Here are all of the many ways women brought attention to Time’s Up at the 2019 Golden Globes.

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