Kate Middleton Channeled Blair Waldorf for Her First Appearance of 2019

It definitely looks like Kate Middleton took some serious fashion inspiration from Gossip Girl queen bee Blair Waldorf for her first appearance of 2019 on Sunday, January 6. The Duchess of Cambridge wore an icy blue Catherine Walker coatdress and matching headband to attend service at Sandringham’s St. Mary Magdalene Church this morning with Prince William. And it’s definitely becoming a staple of the duchess’s wardrobe: Middleton also wore a headband when she stepped out for Christmas Day services at the same church.

Headbands, as Gossip Girl fans know, were a signature element of Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe, and it looks like her legacy is living on through Middleton. Of course, it’s very possible the Kate-Blair fashion parallels are just a coincidence, but the idea of the duchess waking up and saying, “I want to look like the HBIC of the Upper East Side today” is just too perfect, and I really hope it happened.

Check out photos of Middleton in the headband for yourself, below. It’s a headband perfect for scheming against little Jenny Humphrey, really.

Getty Images

Or sabotaging Nelly Yuki’s SAT scores.

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This headband will do whatever it takes to ensure Serena van der Woodsen doesn’t grab the spotlight.

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